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Welcome to All That Dance

All That Dance, ATD, was founded by Lindsey Smith in 2011. As a new member of the Canyon community, Lindsey realized that her passion for teaching dance would be valued by other Canyon residents. ATD held its first classes in the Canyon Lakes clubhouse in the fall 2011. After receiving positive feedback from parents and children, Lindsey decided to expand into the Canyon Springs in the fall of 2012, and feedback has continued to be positive. As ATD continues to grow, Lindsey’s goal remains to provide a convenient dance studio experience to Canyon area residents. To that end, she welcomes the opportunity to spread her love of dance with your future dancers.
Lindsey and her family relocated to Tampa, FL in the summer of 2014 but all the while she continued her ATD Canyon dance business.  Now that she is settled in Tampa, she is ready and excited to expand her All That Dance name and open a dance studio in the New Tampa/Wesley Chapel area.  Lindsey, her mom, Joy Schaefer, and long time friend and professional dancer, Justin Middlebrooks, are thrilled to be opening up a dance studio that will serve the New Tampa/Wesley Chapel families.  We’re excited to open up doors and provide the New Tampa/Wesley Chapel communities with a wonderful dance studio experience.


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Classes Offered

Combo classes for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-4. Dancers learn basic ballet technique and terminology along with fundamental tap steps. They learn beginning acrobatic tricks and arm strengthening exercises.

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an hour class that spends 30 minutes on each dance style. The dancers learn beginning jazz technique and beginning acrobatic tricks. The jazz class starts with a warm up consisting of stretching, isolation’s & strengthening followed by across the floor exercises such as leaps, turns and kicks. The dancers work on their acrobatic skills and flexibility.

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An hour class that spends 30 minutes on each dance style. This is the next level after the dancer graduates from the preschool combo class and wants to continue their ballet and tap education. They will learn the basic tap steps and the fundamentals of ballet to get them on their way to a higher dance education.
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This class teaches rhythm, coordination, basic tap terminology and choreography. Class will start with a tap warm up in the center of the floor, followed by across the floor exercises.

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This class is a fusion of ballet and jazz, with expressive dance motions that tell a story. The dancers will learn technique from ballet and jazz and the movements, choreography and feelings expressed will be solely based on the music’s lyrics.

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This class is a fun and high energy class that focuses on dance technique. The class starts with a warm-up with stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises and then moves to across the floor work for leaps, turns, jumps and kicks.

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This class is a combination of street dancing, pop and lock and funk to today’s popular music. The dancers will do a warm up with stretching, isolations and then will learn musicality, rhythm, and funky foot work through choreography and combinations

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Is floor tumbling on gym mats. Acro strengthens muscles that aren’t targeted in other dance classes and works on your flexibility.

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this class can be any form of dance ranging from ballet to jazz, hip hop or even tap. If we can get a group of adults in the Canyon community interested in dancing, then we will form the class to your interest. You tell us how you want to dance!

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Our Instructors

Lindsey Smith
Kristine Lee
Lyndsey Newsome
Alex Nauert
Megan Morgan
Bethany Clubb